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When Jesus had His last meal with His disciples, He took bread, blessed it, broke it, gave it to His friends and said “This is my body. Eat this in remembrance of me”. He then took a cup of wine, blessed it and passed it around among His friends saying “This is my blood. Drink this in remembrance of me”.


What a striking picture that must have been, as Jesus broke bread and poured out wine, to show what would happen to his body and blood the very next day. And how wise he was to command everyone to do the same thing, to remember His death on the cross. May we never forget!

Jesus also knew that having a meal together is something families and friends enjoy doing as often as they can. Then it’s equally important that Christians get together for a meal – sometimes for a social evening (and don’t we enjoy them!) and regularly for the purpose of remembering that Jesus loves us so much He was prepared to die for us all.

And there’s another reason Jesus asks us to eat the bread and wine, remembering His body and blood. As we do so, it is a sign that we are inviting Jesus into our lives, asking His Holy Spirit to make us more like Him, and binding us together in His family – the great company of the Kingdom of heaven.

If you would like to invite Jesus into your life, or to remember all that He has done for you, or to receive the assurance that you are part of His family, then coming along to one of our services would be an ideal opportunity to do that. We would be delighted to welcome you.

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