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Richard on December 30th, 2015

What’s new? Happy New Year! I pray that all our hopes are realised, our fears are unfounded, our needs are met and that we enjoy God’s rich blessings as a community throughout 2016. Welcome to this brand new page of this brand new website. Ah, you will say, but it looks very much like the […]

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Richard on December 18th, 2015

Ronald Blythe thinks of how three composers saved the carol IN 1928, three remarkable Church of England composers — Percy Dearmer, Ralph Vaughan Williams, and Martin Shaw — rescued the carol from what could have been its extinction — a fate that many of the clergy hoped might overcome it. “Please, sir, may we sing a […]

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Richard on December 5th, 2015

Ronald Blythe compares Robert Louis Stevenson’s and Jesus’s storytelling MATCHLESS mornings; no birdsong, but the thinning oaks in a kind of aloof conversation. Not a soul about. My neighbour Vicky rings up to ask if I need “supplies”. I like this word for shopping. It makes me feel that I live in the Wild West. It […]

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Richard on December 5th, 2015

Ronald Blythe attends the deathbed of an old friend WHEN I was a boy, the old miller spoke of the tempest, not the storm. “Did the tempest keep you awake last night?” Now, they speak of Agatha, or some such wild woman. She will bring the last leaves down. We stand on the brink of Advent. […]

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