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Richard on April 24th, 2015

Ronald Blythe is glad that a poet is remembered in a cathedral window A SUMMER day in April. The windows wide, the robins noisy. A visit to the old horse-pond to see the marsh marigolds in all their glory. Their Latin name comes from kalathos, Greek for “goblet”. Their leaves hide the water, and their petals are […]

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Richard on April 22nd, 2015

An extract from the APCM minutes…. Vicar’s Report – April 2015 Revd John Chandler gave reports on his first year in the benefice at each of the Annual Parish Meetings in April. Here follows a summary of the common messages in his report: Revd John said that in his view we have had an excellent […]

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Richard on April 17th, 2015

Ronald Blythe envies the gallivanting St Mark HOT April days; the birds building, the skies high and still. On Sunday, I dressed for a procession, only to find children tying trinkets on an Easter tree. It was Sunday school with ceremony. But lunch was spring lamb and sherry. Bad news from good friends: their days here […]

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Richard on April 10th, 2015

Paintings in an art gallery remind  Ronald Blythe  of the friends of his youth I LOVE provincial art galleries. It is amazing what hangs on their walls. Is that a real Picasso? And who is this painter no one has ever heard of? It is so captivating. This week, I went to the Minories Art Gallery, in […]

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Richard on April 10th, 2015

Ronald Blythe is struck again by the freshness of a medieval writer HOLY WEEK. A soft gale troubles the bare trees. But it will not rain. Gulls land among the horses. The stream pours unseen to the river. The garden calls. I re-read Julian’s revelations of divine love in which, for me, there is an unparalleled […]

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Richard on April 1st, 2015

How is it that daffodils appear so suddenly, Ronald Blythe wonders COLLECTING the post, there they were, where they had been since time immemorial: my wild daffodils under the plum tree – the ones that Dorothy Wordsworth drew her brother’s attention to. Although he did not acknowledge this when he wrote, “And all at once I […]

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