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Richard on August 31st, 2013

There is a Benefice PCC meeting on Monday 9th September at Little Horkesley, called by Archdeacon Annette, to discuss the future for our Benefice and hopefully get down to advertising for a new ‘House for Duty’ Priest working with us on the same basis as Henry did up until a year ago! We were given […]

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Richard on August 31st, 2013

Bare feet can be a great leveller, says Ronald Blythe A FRIEND from Epping arrives to show me pictures of her recently ordained son. He and another youthful deacon walk on either side of the Archbishop of Canterbury. They are clothed in white vestments, but walk to a shrine in bare feet. Their white naked feet […]

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Richard on August 31st, 2013

Ronald Blythe watches August activity in the midst of seasonal sloth   MID August. Mr Cousins’s bees are rifling my flowers in the late afternoons of hot days. Distant throbs betray a combine harvester, the first machine in the field. Barely a bird. Just this still warmth and motionless skies. Bell-ringing practice to go with so […]

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Richard on August 31st, 2013

Ronald Blythe chooses stillness over liveliness, in order to hear God   “TWO can play at that game,” I tell the white cat. Perfectly still, and in perfect profile, she is observing existence. Not so the young blackbird trapped between my palms as I prevent it from braining itself against the pane. Pure terror must be […]

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Richard on August 31st, 2013

SULTRY August, and tall perennials outgrow their strength. I tie up the toppling hollyhocks, and the bees do not chase me as they did the Amorites, but hang on for all they are worth. It is wonderfully still. Motionless. Except, of course, for the bees. William Blake, contemplating their notorious business, said that they had […]

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  Services for Sunday 4 August 2013 08:00 Holy Communion  # LH 09:15 Family Service  MB 11:00 Family Service  WF 11:00 Morning Service  # LH 18:30 Evening Service  LH   # 1662 service   Services for Next Sunday (11 August 2013)   08:00 Holy Communion  # WF 09:15 Parish Communion  MB 11:00 Parish Communion  LH […]

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Richard on August 3rd, 2013

Ronald Blythe preaches to a packed cathedral on the lay calling VISITORS marvel at my hollyhocks. A sumptuous cerise, they sway against the ancient wall. An old gardening book is crammed with hollyhock advice. But I let them get on with it – life. Their buds must have suggested the crockets on spires. They have shabby […]

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