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Isn’t this a lovely time of year to be walking around the village or driving in the countryside? Daffodils brighten the view and our spirits; green replaces brown, and freshly cut lawns and verges show that humanity joins nature in its annual spring-clean. It happens every year – soon it will be the turn of bluebells, and before long those tidy lanes will be narrowed by cow parsley!

We expect it, but it’s all still a miracle. Science can show how it all happens, and why – but it’s still amazing how an intricate daffodil can grow from a bulb, a whole field or wood can change colour with bloom, whole plants emerge from the tiniest of seeds – and all on cue. May we never lose that sense of awe and wonder as we take in the sights and scents of spring.

Easter, 16th April this year, is a Christian’s happiest day, and that arrives on cue too. Many events in the Bible can’t be tied down to a specific time of year or date, but Easter can – the first Easter Day was the Sunday after the Passover (the night of the full moon after the vernal equinox) and it still is! It’s great to fill the Church at Easter with spring flowers as a reminder of emerging life, and to give & receive Easter eggs too.

Eggs and seeds are so simple to look at, yet they are powerful signs of great potential. Jesus said “Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds” (John 12:24). That was in the context of preparing his followers for his death on the cross, by which He demonstrated the potential for eternal life. You’d remind me that when a seed goes into the ground, it may look dead, but it actually isn’t; the potential is still there. Now Jesus knew that. He was certainly killed – the Romans saw to that – but his point is that nothing can kill the spirit, and by His resurrection proved that our spirits too have the potential for eternal life.

Yes, we are all people of great potential. Just as our intellect, our talents, our energies can be considered dead or dormant until they emerge to brighten the community around us, so also our spiritual lives can be ‘fed and watered’ in a relationship with Jesus for the benefit of those around us now, and for our own lives – on this earth and for eternity.

So as we enjoy the beauty of the natural world, let’s thank the Lord for humanity’s potential too; pray that leaders will realise the potential to bring peace, that we work to realise the potential for a thriving community, and that all the hidden goodness in us will blossom and brighten the spirits of all around us.

Yours in Jesus,

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