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For some years we have been talking about the need to have an accessible toilet and a small kitchen in our Church and we are now planning  to make this happen. A small group consisting of the Vicar, Barry Gibbons, Tim Bird, Carol Bush and Rosy Stamp are working on the project.

The Church in Wormingford plays an important role in village life, and welcomes visitors from far afield. Our Grade I listed Church building is in constant use and demand yet is unable to offer basic facilities. Mains water and modest kitchen and toilet facilities are essential for a church in this century. The new facilities will be especially important for visitors with disabilities, the elderly and the very young.

The plans involve the following work:

a) Extend the mains water supply from Church Lane, by means of a trench under the main path to the Church (outside the line of existing graves) then to the west of the Church, entering the tower at below ground level.

b) Provide drainage piping within the same trench, joining to existing drains in Church Lane.

c) Install an intermediate floor in the tower, to become the new area for bell ringers which will also form the ceiling of the new kitchen and toilet areas.

d) Remove the lower section of the ladder to the bell tower, and install stairs to the intermediate floor.

e) Create a kitchen and disabled toilet facilities at ground level.

f) Re-hang the bell ropes at the intermediate level.

g) Glaze the open archway between the intermediate level and the nave.

h) Fit out the room at the intermediate level for use as an upstairs meeting room for the Church and others in the community.

Does this all sound expensive? It is! The current costs are estimated to be around £84,000, of which the Church has so far raised over £10,000. We are approaching a few people who have expressed an interest in helping financially with the project and we hope to raise the majority through grant applications. There are a number of organisations, county and country wide, that donate specifically for projects in churches, so we hope our fundraising won’t impact on any of the other important projects in Wormingford.

If you would like to know more, please contact John, Barry, Tim, Carol or Rosy.

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